Indonesia: Tax collection looking stronger than 2016’s – 5 Sep 2017

  • The Directorate General of Taxation has collected IDR686tr in tax revenue by Aug 17, or 53.5% of the IDR1.28qd full-year target stipulated in the revised 2017 state budget.
  • “In 2016, we had only collected 46% of the targeted tax revenue by Aug 16. It is 7.5% higher y/y thus far in 2017,” Directorate General of Taxation spokesman Hestu Yoga Saksama said in Jakarta on 4 Sep 17.
  • Income tax (PPh) excluding the oil and gas sector contributed IDR3.78tr to the total collections so far, while the value added tax (PPN) and value added tax for luxury goods (PPNBM) contributed IDR267tr. The value added tax from the oil and gas sector contributed IDR35tr and other kinds of taxes contributed IDR4.3tr.
  • Hestu underlined a significant decrease in land and building tax (PBB) revenue, which amounted to just IDR1.2tr, compared to IDR15tr in the corresponding period in 2016. “That is because the paying period was extended until Sep 17,” he added.
  • Hestu pointed to Sep 17 as the moment of truth for gauging the success of tax collection in 2017 because of a tax amnesty that had been in place till early-2017. He expressed his hope that taxpayers would pay their taxes based on what they had reported during the tax amnesty period.

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