Indonesia: Support for Jokowi Down as Indonesia Tops Daily Covid Deaths

  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s approval rating fell as the coronavirus continues to tear through the nation, pushing its daily Covid-19 death counts to become the worst in the world.
  • About 59.6% of respondents are satisfied with how he’s handling the pandemic, according to a survey released by Lembaga Survei Indonesia. That compares with 68.9% in Dec 20, the survey showed.
  • Those who are dissatisfied with him rose to 37.2% from 28.9%. “Many still believe that the President can end this pandemic, but that trust level has declined, especially in the past four months,” LSI, as the survey institute is known, said in the statement released on 18 Jul 21.
  • People are divided in their opinion about whether the government should prioritize health over the economy, and more people are concerned about the state of the economy now than they were in Sep 20, LSI said.
  • Southeast Asia’s biggest economy is racing against time to inoculate more than 180 million people against Covid-19 to reach herd immunity.
  • About 84.9% support the campaign and 68.6% believe vaccine can help prevent the illness, according to the LSI survey. Fear of side effects is the main reason for 36.4% of respondents who don’t want to get vaccinated.
  • Almost 83% of respondents said they have not received their shots, according to the LSI survey. The survey conducted in Mar-Jun 21 involved 1,200 respondents across the nation and was done via phone interviews, with a margin of error of +/- 2.88%, according to the institute.

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