Indonesia: Power usage expected to fall by 6 percent as business slumps

  • Indonesia’s electricity consumption this year is expected to fall by 6.25% y/y because of the ongoing global health crisis, which has dampened commerce in the country, the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has said.
  • The ministry’s electrification director general, Rida Mulyana, said that overall consumption would be driven down by lower consumption among businesses and industries.
  • Power usage in Jun 20 was propped up by the residential sector and by the “special category” sector, which includes industrial areas, Special Economic Zones and Jakarta’s light rail transit (LRT). Residential consumption was up 9.84% y/y in Jun 20, and special category consumption was up 43%.
  • “Overall, there was still growth of 0.96% y/y in Jun 20,” Rida told reporters during an online briefing.
  • Usage in the business sector fell by 6.68% y/y and usage in the industrial sector fell by 7.18% y/y in Jun 20 as commercial activity slowed down amid large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in and around big cities.

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