Indonesia plans to construct 4,479 km toll roads by 2030

  • The government plans to develop 4,479.33 kilometers of toll roads by 2030 in addition to the 1,500 km toll road projects that are to be completed in 2024 to support mobility, an official has announced.
  • The Public Works and Housing Ministry’s road development director general, Sugiyartanto shared that the new toll road project will be implemented on Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara.
  • He said the implementation of the project would be adjusted to the needs of each region in line with the development of other infrastructure, adding that the existing roads would not be able to accommodate the increasing transportation needs of all regions.
  • He added that the new toll road program required IDR671.8tr (USD46.98bn).
  • He stressed that the funds would not only come from the state budget but also from the private sector.

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