Indonesia: PDI-P acknowledges vote decline in strongholds

  • The number of votes garnered by PDI-P during the recent regional elections was lower than the amount gained in previous elections, a top party official has said.
  • PDI-P deputy secretary-general Utut Adianto said the party was evaluating the results of the elections in several areas long known as PDI-P strongholds including Central Java.
  • In Central Java, PDI-P gubernatorial candidate pair Ganjar Pranowo and Taj Yasin got 58.4% of the vote whilst in the 2014 presidential election, President Joko Widodo, nominated by PDI-P, got 66% of the vote.
  • Utut was quoted as saying that in areas where we were previously strong, we have now suffered from significant vote decline. The lawmaker said despite the declines, the PDI-P’s achievements in the 2018 regional elections were still within its targets.  When asked about the growth of opposition votes during gubernatorial elections in Central and West Java, Utut refused to comment, saying the results had not yet been confirmed.
  • Utut said he would need comprehensive data before acknowledging the votes obtained by opposition parties in the two provinces had increased.

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