Indonesia: Lawmakers may drop labour cluster from Indonesia’s jobs bill to meet Aug 20 deadline

  • The House of Representatives may not conclude the deliberation of the omnibus bill on job creation in Aug 20 as it is still working through problems, including labour disputes and editorial issues.
  • The House Legislation Body (Baleg) has resolved 3,172, or almost half, of 6,652 problems on the bill’s inventory problem list (DIM). A bill is usually passed into law if lawmakers and the government have resolved all problems on the list.
  • Baleg chairman Supratman Andi Agtas said on 30 Jul 20 that he was not sure the bill could be passed in Aug 20.
  • The Gerindra Party politician explained that the body had grouped the 1,430 problems into five categories, among them were those with the term “license” that would be changed into “business licensing” to comply with the government’s request.
  • The term will be used in the articles that would hand over licensing authorities from local administrations to the central government.
  • The government expects the House to deliberate the omnibus bill in Aug 20 or early Sep 20 to help economic recovery amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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