Indonesia: Jokowi expresses disappointment over Indonesian export stagnation

  • Speaking during the opening of a Trade Ministry meeting, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo expressed his disappointment over export figures, which fell behind other Southeast Asian Countries such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • According to Trade Ministry data, the country’s export value stood at USD168.7bn in 2017, compared to Thailand’s USD236.69bn, Vietnam’s USDS213.77bn and Malaysia’s USD219.45bn, from Jan – Nov 17.
  • Jokowi said Indonesian Trade Promotion Centers (ITPC) had failed to open new markets for Indonesian products. “We have had ITPCs for years, what they have done? If I see no improvement, I will disband them. The country has spent a lot of money, but we can’t compete with our neighboring countries” he said.
  • Jokowi also criticized officials’ lack of attention to markets in India and Bangladesh after they missed Dec 17’s Asian International Trade Expo in Dhaka.

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