Indonesia: G20 targets raising USD1.5bn for global pandemic fund, says host Indonesia

  • The Group of 20 (G20) major economies aims to raise USD1.5bn in 2022 for a fund set up to better prepare for future pandemics, the health minister of current G20 president Indonesia said.
  • G20 countries have provisionally agreed to set up a multi-billion dollar fund that health officials have said will finance efforts like surveillance, research, and better access to vaccination for lower-to-middle income countries, among others.
  • Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said in an interview the United States, European Union, Indonesia, Singapore and Germany have pledged about USD1.1bn to the fund so far.
  • “If we can get USD1.5bn of fresh funding by end-2022, we will be very, very happy,” he told Reuters, adding he hopes the group can raise another USD1.5bn in 2023.
  • The World Bank, which will house the fund, and the World Health Organization (WHO), which is advising on the facility, estimated in a report that the annual funding gap for pandemic preparedness is USD10.5bn.
  • Budi said he will start discussing contributions to the fund with countries like Japan and Britain at a G20 health ministers meeting in Indonesia next week.
  • The United States and Indonesia have been pushing for the establishment of the fund to help the world be better prepared to tackle future pandemics, but the WHO has been concerned the fund could undermine its own efforts and those of other global health mechanisms.
  • But Budi said the WHO will play “a leadership role” in identifying which countries would need the fund or provide other countermeasures.

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