Indonesia consumers are less optimistic in Jun 17: BI survey – 12 Jul 2017

  • Indonesian consumers were less optimistic in Jun 17 because of limited job availability and a belief that things would not improve in 2H17, a survey by the central bank showed on 11 Jul 17.
  • Bank Indonesia’s consumer index stood at 122.4 in Jun 17. The May 17 reading was 125.9, the highest since the survey began in Jun 00. A reading above 100 indicates consumers are optimistic. The last time the index was below 100 was in Oct 15.
  • About 4,600 respondents from 18 major cities participated in the Jun 17 survey. It found that consumers expected economic conditions in 2H17 to worsen because of few jobs as well as a decrease in income and business activities.
  • Consumers involved in the survey predicted that prices would slightly fall in Sep 17, but they would increase in 2H17.
  • Indonesia’s annual inflation rate slightly picked up to 4.37% in Jun 17 as demand increased in the days leading to the Idul Fitri holiday at the end of Ramadan.

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