India to work with Taiwan for peace, prosperity in Indo-Pacific

  • There was a “shared attachment to the values of democracy, individual freedom, world peace and global solidarity that bind the 1.4 bn people of India to the 23 mn people of Taiwan,” said India-Taipei Association (ITA) Director-General Gourangalal Das.
  • “As one of the world’s top five economies, as the emerging engine of the world economy, and as Chair of the Group of Twenty for this year, India looks to work with partners around the world, including Taiwan, to serve as a pillar of peace, stability, and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific and the world at large,” Das said.
  • Last year was one of rich engagement between India and Taiwan, with the gradual resumption of in-person exchanges and the visits of several senior delegations in both directions, Das said.
  • “Bilateral trade figures reached their historic in 2022. The positive momentum of Taiwanese investment in India spread to new areas like semiconductors, e-vehicles, and green energy,” Das said.
  • According to Das, the ITA concluded new forms of institutional cooperation with Taiwanese counterparts in the fields of standards, intellectual property, and traditional medicine over the past few months.

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