India: Survey shows 69% optimistic about the future under Modi Sarkar – 16 May 2017

  • More than 60% of Indians believe that the Narendra Modi government has either met or exceeded their expectations. A greater proportion, 69%, said they feel optimistic about their future as well as that of their families, according to an opinion poll by LocalCircles.
  • The government is on track to deliver on promises made in its manifesto, according to 59% of respondents in the survey that had 40,000 participants, who cast more than 200,000 votes on various subjects across 200 cities. The three-year governance poll was carried out over three weeks.
  • As for the most effective mission undertaken by the government in the past three years, as many as 47% said it was the direct transfer of benefits to beneficiaries, cutting out the middleman and plugging leakages and corruption. The closely related Jan Dhan Yojana financial inclusion initiative came in second at 29%, followed by Swachh Bharat at 16% and Make in India at 8%.
  • The government has established the JAM trinity of Jan Dhan, Aadhaar and mobile as the basis of a strong and supple social welfare web underpinning its efforts aimed at boosting economic growth, raising incomes and eradicating poverty.
  • While 65% of respondents said the government has been able to effectively handle parliament and deliver on key legislation, they weren’t as upbeat on the performance of lawmakers, with 69% contending that MPs weren’t addressing constituency issues.
  • The government got praise for infrastructure, with 65% saying development has taken place while 63% don’t feel unemployment has fallen. Demonetisation earned plaudits for cracking down on black money, with more than half saying it has been effective in this endeavor, although only 37% said it had succeeded in reducing corruption. But a higher number, 47%, said corruption overall across India had dropped. To be sure, the ruling coalition earned strong electoral support for demonetisation during the just-concluded state elections in politically crucial Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere.

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