India: Lack of judicial reforms pulls down India’s ranking – 6 Jun 2017

  • A World Bank assessment on the performance of India on ease of doing business shows the largest democracy lags behind many of the sub-Saharan African countries and the east Asian nations in ‘enforcement of contract’ largely due to the inefficient judicial system which has failed to keep up with the technological revolution that has changed the pace of the justice delivery across the world.
  • An evaluation of the court structure and proceedings by the World Bank, while ranking countries on ease of doing business in its 2017 report, has painted a very grim picture for India compared to many of the sub-Saharan African countries that have done better by adopting a set of good practices, including case management, court automation and alternative dispute resolution–some of the parameters which resulted in India being ranked overall 130 among 190 countries.
  • Though there are laws setting time limits for key court events in a civil case but these time standards are seldom followed (not even in 50% of the cases), according to the report.
  • The low rating of the Indian judicial system is also on account of the unlimited adjournments granted by courts and non-adherence of the prescribed laws by the judiciary itself. There is a law that regulates adjournments but the rules of adjournments are followed in less than 50% of the cases, the report said.

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