India in talks to supply green hydrogen to EU, Singapore

  • India has discussed a possible deal to supply more than 11 million metric tons a year of green hydrogen to the European Union and Singapore, who in turn would invest in these Indian clean energy projects, three government officials and one industry source said.
  • Reuters reported on 4 Jul that New Delhi will consider bilateral agreements which would allow countries to use carbon credits linked to producing so-called green hydrogen, which is made using renewable energy.
  • India and the EU explored green hydrogen agreements for 10 million metric tons per annum under which businesses in the bloc could invest in projects in India and claim carbon credits, one of the officials, who attended a meeting on Wednesday in New Delhi, told Reuters.
  • Singapore is looking to get 5 million metric tons per annum of green ammonia through similar bilateral agreements, which is equivalent to another 1-1.5 million metric tons a year of green hydrogen, another official said.

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