House set to be dissolved before end of tenure

  • The House of Representatives looks set to be dissolved before the end of its tenure in late March, said Prime Minister’s Office Minister Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana.
  • Given the current political situation, the House will be disbanded shortly before the MPs’ four-year term ends on March 28, said Mr Thanakorn, who is also a close aide of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha
  • Many MPs are worried they won’t have enough time to move to another party if they stay on to complete their term.
  • “Once the House is dissolved, I can step over to a new party along with Gen Prayut,” Mr Thanakorn said.
  • Gen Prayut recently confirmed that he is planning to become a member of the United Thai Nation (UTN) Party, with reports suggesting he will do so after the New Year.
  • Political manoeuvring is intensifying in the lead-up to the next general election. The poll date is tentatively set on May 7, but if the House is disbanded, a new election date will be announced.
  • Mr Thanakorn said the party Gen Prayut will move to will be closely watched but he was sure that the public is ready to the prime minister another chance.
  • Gen Prayut was nominated as a prime minister candidate in the 2019 election by the PPRP.
  • Several MPs have pledged their allegiance to Gen Prayut and will enter the UTN as well.
  • Earlier, the Green, Thai Rung Rueng, Thai Chana, Thai Ruam Thai, Thai Rungroj, and New Palang Dharma parties pledged to forge an alliance in a bid to stay competitive in the election, which will be held under different rules, according to Rawee Matchamadol, leader of the New Palang Dharma Party.

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