Hong Kongers shun ‘patriots only’ polls as turnout plummets to 27.5%

  • Hong Kong residents shunned the city’s district council election on Sunday, with voter turnout sharply dropping despite relentless efforts by the government to boost the numbers.
  • All candidates were screened, leaving a lineup filled with Beijing loyalists and no one from the pro-democracy camp.
  • The turnout ended up at 27.54% with 1,193,193 out of 4.3 million eligible voters taking part, the city’s Electoral Affairs Commission said on Monday.
  • The figures are significantly lower than the previous district council election held in November 2019, when the turnout rate was 71.23% as 2.94 million people voted.
  • Four years ago, young voters had been instrumental in a landslide victory by the pro-democracy camp, which won over 80% of the total seats in 18 districts and took an absolute majority in all district councils
  • A survey by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, published in September, found that 63% of residents were uninterested in politics because they felt their participation would be in vain
  • Three members of the pro-democracy group League of Social Democrats were detained on Sunday morning, as they tried to reach the location where the city’s Chief Executive John Lee was casting his ballot — apparently to deliver in person a message of discontent over the erosion of democracy.

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