Government allows work on 34 elevated infrastructure projects to proceed after safety audit

  • The ministry of public works and housing has allowed for 34 elevated infrastructure projects to continue following a series of safety audits.
  • The committee that oversaw the audits has since said that they would like to see more work being done to ensure more emphasis on safety, to prevent further accidents like this. The committee has also inspected some of the sites before allowing work to continue.
  • The projects in question include 30 toll road developments across Java, a double track railway in Jakarta, and three light rail transit sections, in Jakarta and Palembang.
  • The committee is yet to complete its assessment of two projects, which are the trans-Sumatra toll road, and the Cinere-Serpong toll road.
  • The criteria for the assessment included details such as design, occupational health and safety, workers certification, standardised heavy equipment, standardised raw materials, standardised technology, operational standards and procedures, and the presence of supervising consultants.

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