Ganjar, Anies favorites of young voters as Prabowo loses out

  • The most recent opinion poll, which focuses on the 2024 electoral outlook of young voters, has revealed that social media darlings and governors Ganjar Pranowo of Central Java and Anies Baswedan of Jakarta are young voters’ firm favorite presidential hopefuls – edging out Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in a three-horse race.
  • According to the survey, released by the Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS) on 26 Sep 22, should the election be contested only by the three most popular prospective candidates, one-third of respondents would pick Ganjar, while Anies came in second with an electability rating of 27.5% and Prabowo in last place with 25.7%.
  • This stands in contrast to other electability polls that did not focus on young voters, including an Aug 22 poll by pollster Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC) and a Sep 22 poll by the Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI).
  • Both surveys found that Prabowo would come in second place, behind Ganjar, while usually Anies occupied the last position in a three-horse race.
  • “Young voters are more interested in something new, and Anies represents more of this, [compared with Prabowo],” Arya Fernandes, head of the CSIS’ department of politics, said
  • A closer look at the CSIS survey shows that many of the respondents ranked “honesty or corruption-free track record” as their greatest concern when asked about the characteristics they wanted in a president, at 34.8%, followed by “humility or pro-people” at 15.9%.
  • According to CSIS’ estimates, some 54% of voters in the 2024 general election will be younger than 40 years old. This is likely to also include an undisclosed number of first-time voters.
  • Aside from corruption, the survey found young voters taking particular notice of Indonesia’s regression in democracy, particularly in regard to a shrinking civic space, as well as concerns over inflating commodity prices, a hyper-competitive job market and the environment.

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