Filipinos outraged over Chinese embassy’s South China Sea ‘propaganda video’

  • A music video the Chinese embassy in Manila says is aimed at celebrating a “new era of partnership” between the Philippines and China amid the coronavirus outbreak was lambasted on Saturday by outraged Filipinos.
  • The video of the song, Iisang Dagat (One Sea), was released on social media by the Chinese embassy on Friday. Since then, it has received at least 65,000 dislike votes and angry reactions by Filipinos who criticised the video’s imagery of a sea shared by both countries, contrary to the situation in the disputed South China Sea.
  • According to the Chinese embassy, the song is “dedicated to those who contributed to our fight against the epidemic from both countries, especially the China Medical Expert Team [that visited] the Philippines”.
  • A part of the song reads: “You and I are in the same sea, your love keeps me company. I won’t let go of your hand. We have a bright future ahead.” The song triggered a wave of anger among Filipinos online, with the hashtag #Chexitph trending last weekend.
  • “The nerve of China to release this propaganda video in the middle of [the] pandemic. West Philippine Sea is ours,” one user said, referring to the disputed area by its Philippine name.
  • “There is no ‘one sea’ or Iisang Dagat. West Philippine Sea is OURS and China has no business saying it’s for everyone,” said another tweet.
  • “Not after they point their guns and warships at our vessels and fishermen.” Others referred to the perceived lack of action by the Duterte government over the territorial tensions.
  • “The PH govt may be wavering in this issue but the Filipino people continue to stand against threats to our sovereignty,” a Twitter user said.

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