EU to weigh sanctions against Chinese firms accused of helping Russian military

  • The European Union is weighing sanctions on Chinese companies  accused of providing help to Russia’s military in its invasion of Ukraine, diplomatic sources have confirmed.
  • Ambassadors from the bloc’s 27 member states will hold initial discussions on 10 May on a fresh package of sanctions proposed by the European Commission.
  • Among proposed targets are eight private entities from China, six of which have headquarters in Hong Kong, in what would mark the first time the EU moved to sanction Chinese companies for abetting Russia’s military effort in Ukraine.
  • The debate will take place as Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang visits Germany, France and Norway from May 8 to May 12, during which Beijing’s potential role in achieving peace in Ukraine will no doubt be discussed.
  • The news was first reported by the Financial Times on 7 May, which named a group of electronics companies accused of selling chips and microelectronics that can be used in high-grade weaponry, such as cruise missiles.
  • Sanctions decisions require unanimity among all EU members, and it is unclear just how much support there would be for a move that would undoubtedly cause new fissures in the volatile EU-China relationship.

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