Chinese aircraft, ships remain around Taiwan after drills end

  • Chinese warplanes and navy ships were still in the waters around Taiwan, the island’s defence ministry said on 11 Apr after the end of three days of war games, as Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen criticised Beijing for its “irresponsible” behaviour.
  • Although China said on 10 Apr night the drills had ended, Taiwan’s defence ministry said it had spotted nine Chinese ships and 26 aircraft, including J-16 and Su-30 fighters, carrying out combat readiness patrols around the island late Tuesday morning.
  • Taiwan’s air force, navy and shore-based missile crews are closely monitoring and responding, it added.
  • Taiwan’s government has repeatedly denounced the drills, but said it will not escalate or provoke.
  • Writing on her Facebook page shortly before midnight on 10 Apr, Tsai said that as president, “I represent my county to the world”, and that her visits abroad, including stops in the United States, are not new and what Taiwan’s people expect.
  • “However, China used this to launch military exercises, causing instability in Taiwan and the region. This is not a responsible attitude for a major country in the region,” she said.

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