China vows to curb decoupling as U.S. adds supply chain safeguards

  • China this week pledged to build an open and inclusive industrial supply chain, just after the U.S. announced additional measures to ensure its own access to reliable energy and critical technology.
  • Chinese Premier Li Qiang said that the government’s approach reflects its “clear-cut stand against protectionism, decoupling and supply chain disruptions.”
  • The China International Supply Chain Expo organizer said about one-fifth of the more than 500 participants at the event are foreign companies, adding that this demonstrated broad commitment to the Chinese market despite calls for diversification for geopolitical reasons.
  • Li added that China will ensure a stable supply of high-quality products for the global market.
  • His remarks came a day after the new White House Council on Supply Chain Resilience, chaired by President Joe Biden, outlined nearly 30 new actions to strengthen supply chains critical to American economic and national security.

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