China tells US to ‘hit the brakes’ as relations continue to deteriorate

  • During his first press conference in his new role, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang tried to blame the US for a wide range of problems the world is facing – accusing it of undermining efforts to end the war in Ukraine and fuelling a severe debt crisis in the developing world – but adopted a conciliatory tone towards Europe.
  • He also blamed Washington for the two countries’ deteriorating relationship and criticised the decision to shoot down a suspected Chinese spy balloon, an incident that prompted US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to call off a planned visit to Beijing.
  • His comments left many observers with the impression that hopes for a quick rapprochement between the two global powers were fading.
  • Speaking on the sidelines of China’s legislative session on 7 Mar, Qin said the balloon saga was the latest evidence that Washington’s perceptions of China had been “seriously distorted”.
  • Adding insult to injury, He posited that Washington’s China policy had “deviated” from a rational course, adding it was seeking to “contain and suppress” China in “a live-or-die zero-sum game”.

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