China signals cooperation with US but not defence

  • China has signalled to the United States that it is willing to cooperate on trade and climate change but will remain defiant on issues related to defence and security ahead of an anticipated trip to Beijing by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.
  • This comes following a previous suspension of dialogues on a wide range of issues affecting bilateral ties, including climate change after former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan in Aug 22.
  • Blinken’s trip is meant to help reset China-US relations following years of rising tensions over the South China Sea, Taiwan, trade and human rights. The trip was agreed upon by both presidents during ther Nov 22 meeting during the G20 Summit.
  • Trade and climate change officials from the two countries have spoken in Jan 23 and agreed to hold further dialogues.
  • China is willing to “continuously improve” to foster a market-oriented, law-based and internationalised business environment, according to a Commerce Ministry statement on 6 Jan.
  • But Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao urged the US to stop restrictions on Chinese companies and not to regard China as a strategic rival.
  • China and the US are seriously exploring the parameters of a series of mutual compromises aimed at normalising their relations via their recent resumption of high-level diplomacy
  • Climate change, trade, security and Taiwan are likely to be on Blinken’s agenda. But analysts doubted whether any major agreements would be reached – even on climate change, which was once seen as a showcase for China-US cooperation.

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