China says it would be a ‘serious mistake’ if Argentina cuts ties

  • China said on Tuesday (Nov 21) that it would be a “serious mistake” if Argentina were to cut ties, after the weekend presidential election victory in the South American country of a right-wing libertarian who has said he will not deal with communists.
  • Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Mao Ning told a regular news briefing that the development of bilateral relations with Argentina had been showing good momentum, and it would be a “serious mistake” for Argentina to cut ties with countries such as China and Brazil.
  • Diana Mondino, an economist tipped to become foreign minister in the Milei administration, said that Argentina would not join the BRICS grouping, which includes China and Russia.
  • Mondino told RIA Novosti that Argentina would “stop interacting” with the governments of China and Brazil, when asked whether Argentina would encourage exports and imports with those countries.
  • Mao, asked by reporters about Mondino’s remarks, said: “The two sides have strong economic complementarity and huge potential for cooperation.
  • “China is willing to continue to work together with Argentina to promote the stability and long-term development of bilateral relations.”

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