China is upgrading missile systems targeting Taiwan

  • China has recently upgraded its medium-range ballistic missile systems along its southeastern coast, specifically targeting Taiwan and nations considered friendly to it, according to a report from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.
  • Satellite images indicate the buildup of rocket installations with a range of 1,000km, which could be employed in the event of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait.
  • Additionally, China has been replacing older short-range missiles with newer DF-17 missiles, featuring hypersonic glide vehicles, capable of reaching speeds greater than Mach 5. The DF-17s would reduce Taiwan’s early warning time in case of an attack and might be used to neutralize air defense facilities before launching other missiles against Taiwan.
  • China is also likely to produce more DF-26 missiles, with a range of up to 3,000km, making them a key component of its missile arsenal.

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