Canada withdraws 41 diplomats as India seeks diplomatic parity

  • India’s foreign minister Jaishankar acknowledged that India-Canada relations were at a “difficult phrase”, but India invoked diplomatic parity due to concerns over “continuous interference” in its “internal affairs” by Canadian personnel.
  • Jaishankar added that India has stopped issuing visas in Canada because of safety concerns for its diplomatic staff. Sources suggest that the security situation is under review, which may allow a resumption of visa services.
  • Meanwhile, the US and UK governments backed Canada, insisting that diplomatic presence is required to be on the ground to resolve disputes.
  • Canadian foreign minister Joly criticized India for the withdrawal order, saying that “unilateral revocation of the diplomatic privilege and immunity is contrary to international law” and a violation of the convention on diplomatic relations.
  • Australian intelligence chief Mike Burgess separately remarked that he has “no reason” to dispute Ottawa’s account about Nijar’s killing.

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