Beijing drops COVID testing burden

  • People in China’s capital Beijing were allowed to enter parks, supermarkets, offices and airports without showing proof of a negative COVID-19 test on 6 Dec 22, the latest in a mix of easing steps nationwide after last month’s historic protests.
  • “Beijing readies itself for life again” read a headline in the government-owned China Daily newspaper, adding that people were “gradually embracing” their newfound freedoms.
  • Both of the city’s airports also no longer require people to test to enter the terminal, state media reported, although there was no indication of changes to rules requiring passengers to show negative tests prior to boarding.
  • China may announce 10 new national easing measures as early as 7 Dec 22, two sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.
  • The Chinese yuan has risen about 5% against the dollar since early Nov 22 on expectations of an eventual reopening of China’s economy.
  • But on the ground, many people have been slow to adapt to the changing rules. Commuter traffic in major cities such as Beijing and Chongqing has remained at a fraction of normal levels.

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