Bank of Thailand rate policy briefing on 8 Jul 22

  • The Bank of Thailand (BoT) says the country’s financial system is resilient and domestic financial markets continue to function normally despite higher volatility stemming from global financial markets.
  • According to the central bank’s statement released on 7 Jul 22, banks held ample levels of capital and loan loss provisions and were capable of extending liquidity to support continued economic recovery. Securities companies and insurance companies as a whole were financially robust.
  • The BoT will hold a media briefing on the policy interest rate and the baht on 8 Jul 22 at 10.30am, as the local currency trades at its weakest level in more than six years against the USD.
  • The event is not an urgent policy rate meeting, and the BoT’s next monetary policy review will be on 10 Aug 22.
  • The central bank has recently signalled the prospect of a hike in the policy rate, currently at a record low of 0.50%, to tackle rising inflation.

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