The Fifteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable – edited by Manu Bhaskaran and Faizal bin Yahya

The Singapore Economic Roundtable (SER) is a flagship program of IPS. The twice-a-year meeting of a select group of senior private sector economists, academics, business leaders and policy makers is conducted along Chatham House rules and is intended to generate a frank discussion of major macro-economic policy issues facing Singapore. Each SER assesses current monetary and fiscal policy in the light of changing economic circumstances and provides a forum for non-policy makers to air their recommendations. In addition, each SER also looks at a longer term structural issue.

The Fifteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable includes:

  • Recent Economic Developments by Ms Tan Yin Ying, Senior Economist, Economic Surveillance and Forecasting Department, Economic Policy Group, Monetary Authority of Singapore.
  • Macro-Economic Outlook for Singapore and Implications for Policy by Mr Wu Kun Lung, Research Analyst, Southeast Asia Economies, Credit Suisse AG; and Commentary by Dr Yougesh Khatri, Senior Economist, Southeast Asia, Nomura Holdings Incorporated.
  • Industrial Policy by Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Reader, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge; and Commentary by Professor Wong Poh Kam, Department of Strategy and Policy, NUS Business School and Director, NUS Entrepreneurship Centre, NUS.

The Fifteenth Singapore Economic Roundtable deals with a number of important policy issues.

  • Recent economic developments and economic outlook for the Singapore economy.
  • Industrial policy in Singapore.


    • Foreword

Ambassador Ong Keng Yong
Institute of Policy Studies

    • Recent Economic Developments 

Ms Tan Yin Ying
Senior Economist
Economic Surveillance and Forecasting Department
Economic Policy Group
Monetary Authority of Singapore

    • Macro-Economic Outlook for Singapore and Policy Implications

A. Macro-Economic Outlook for Singapore and Implications for Policy

Mr Wu Kun Lung
Research Analyst
Southeast Asia Economics
Credit Suisse AG

B. Presentation by Discussant  

Dr Yougesh Khatri
Senior Economist
Southeast Asia
Nomura Holdings Incorporated

C. Discussion on Macro-Economic Outlook for Singapore and Implications for Policy 

  • Re-thinking Industrial Policy

A. Industrial Policy: Can We Go Beyond An Unproductive Confrontation?  

Professor Ha-Joon Chang
Faculty of Economics
University of Cambridge

B. Presentation by Discussant: Re-thinking Industrial Policy in Singapore

Professor Wong Poh Kam
Department of Strategy and Policy
NUS Business School and
NUS Entrepreneurship Centre
National University of Singapore

C. Discussion on Industrial Policy and Implications for Singapore 

  • Conclusion

Appendix 1: List of Participants  
Appendix 2: Curricula Vitae of Presenters, Discussants & Chairperson
Appendix 3: Abbreviations

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