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Why we might have to accept that this new coronavirus could be here to stay


The ongoing novel coronavirus crisis is an opportunity to reflect on how we respond to risk and uncertainty, as well as how governments should communicate risks, in an environment of uncertainty and incomplete and imperfect information.

How Will The Wuhan Virus Hurt Economic Growth?


There is growing alarm over the spread of the Wuhan flu virus, known as the 2019-nCov virus. The population of infected patients continues to grow as more evidence of community spread outside China emerges, while the number of deaths has risen.Officials across the world are reacting with radical measures including…

Where Is Taiwan Heading?


aspirations for democracy and identity or it could more aggressively pursue its recent pressure tactics to bring Taiwan to heel. Unfortunately, there is nothing in China’s recent conduct to suggest that it might choose the first option. Indeed, China reacted furiously to the election result, with Foreign Minister Wang Yi insisting that Taiwan’s

China beware, the road to an open financial system is paved with Asian casualties


In November this year, the State Council of China released its “Opinions on Further Improving Work for the Utilisation of Foreign Capital”. The document includes 20 policy measures in four domains – deepening market opening, strengthening investment promotion, extending the reforms in investment facilitation, and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investors.

Can Thailand Overcome Its Malaise?


Thailand’s economy has been buffeted by political crises since 2004 when protests broke out against the then Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. Two military coups, two amended constitutions, several elections and a few bouts of violence later, the country appears to be finally stable again.