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How serious is the threat of protectionism?


US President Trump used his State of the Union speech to reiterate his hard-line views on trade, vowing that the “era of economic surrender is over” and that his administration would “fix bad trade deals”. Only days before the speech, his administration had imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines which directly hurt Chinese and South Korean…

Why we should worry about rising interest rates


Even as equity markets across the world soar to new heights, the bond market has been sending a less exuberant signal. Yields on US 10-year treasuries, a major benchmark rate used in financial markets, have risen to just above 2.5%, almost twice the yield when they reached a trough in the middle of 2016.

Singapore: 2018 looks good but what of the longer term?

Manu Bhaskaran

The past 12 months have been mostly kind to Singapore. The economy has regained some traction, and that has lifted the mood somewhat. Looking forward, we can say two things. First, the economic prospects in 2018 appear encouraging: next year may well be even rosier than this year’s better than expected outcome.

India: Shuffling forward, not quite taking off

Manu Bhaskaran

There is a spring in the Indian economy’s step, after a year when few things seemed to go right. Prime Minister Modi’s bold attack on the black economy through demonetization in November last year did not quite achieve its objectives but did hurt a large part of the economy.

Where is ASEAN heading?

Manu Bhaskaran

It’s been a good year for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, ASEAN, as it celebrated its 50th anniversary in style and enjoyed an upside surprise to economic growth. In the past month, a series of political conclaves saw the high and mighty of global politics presenting themselves at ASEAN-sponsored summits…