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Coronavirus: is aggressive containment the most appropriate policy response?


The daily number of new cases of confirmed Covid-19 infection in China has dropped sharply in the last few weeks – from more than 15,000 on February 12 to just 99 on Friday. Many Chinese provinces and cities have for days, even weeks, reported no daily increase in confirmed infections.



The Covid-19 crisis has turned out to be far worse than we thought only a month ago. It has spread further and is now a global crisis – not just a mainly Chinese one. With the virus causing dislocations in major economic centres such as South Korea, northern Italy and now the United States, Asian economies will suffer from a broader drop in overall global demand.

Singapore’s Budget: A Little Bit For Everyone


Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat had to shape the 2020 budget under difficult circumstances. The COVID-19 crisis was a black swan event that no one could have foreseen. It forced policy makers to sharply rethink their basic assumptions for the budget and refocus fiscal priorities at the very last minute.

Why we might have to accept that this new coronavirus could be here to stay


The ongoing novel coronavirus crisis is an opportunity to reflect on how we respond to risk and uncertainty, as well as how governments should communicate risks, in an environment of uncertainty and incomplete and imperfect information.

How Will The Wuhan Virus Hurt Economic Growth?


There is growing alarm over the spread of the Wuhan flu virus, known as the 2019-nCov virus. The population of infected patients continues to grow as more evidence of community spread outside China emerges, while the number of deaths has risen.Officials across the world are reacting with radical measures including…