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Will the global economy remain resilient and help asia?


This year has begun reasonably well in that the global economy has proven to be more resilient than many had thought possible. But if there is one theme that dominates discussions over what will happen for the rest of the year, it is how uncertain the experts are.

South korea’s prospects matter for our region


Although not as visible as the US, China or Japan, South Korea is an important partner for Southeast Asia. Its economic success provides a role model for emerging economies everywhere while its growing trade and investment profile in the region will help contribute to the region’s prospects in coming years.



About a year ago, when I wrote a column entitled “Keynesean apocalypse” (3/12/22) that dwelt on the Russia-Ukraine war, which had just commenced and begun to develop as a proxy war between the United States/Nato and Russia.

A budget to secure singapore’s future


For countries such as Singapore which follow the Westminster form of government, the annual budget statement is one of the most important political speeches of the year. The annual statement goes beyond just providing a dollars and cents account of how the government will raise funds and where it will spend these monies for the coming year.

China recalibrates policies, what does that mean?


Since early December, Chinese policy makers have executed a sharp U-turn in their policies in several areas. Where management of the covid pandemic is concerned, the reversal of the uncompromising covid-zero strategy was nothing short of dramatic.