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Can Thailand Overcome Its Malaise?


Thailand’s economy has been buffeted by political crises since 2004 when protests broke out against the then Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. Two military coups, two amended constitutions, several elections and a few bouts of violence later, the country appears to be finally stable again.

A Gloomy World, But Don’t Forget The Silver Linings For Asean


ASEAN economies certainly face growing challenges in maintaining robust economic growth in the next year. Despite signs of the US and China reaching a limited trade deal, businesses across the world remain despondent enough to cut back on their spending, thus slowing the world economy. After all, yet more downside risks are proliferating.

Hong Kong’s Protests: What Are The Wider Implications?


Hong Kong has been in turmoil for three months now and there is no sign of a resolution to the protests that were sparked off by the Hong Kong government’s extradition bill that would have allowed easier repatriation of offenders from Hong Kong to other legal jurisdictions including China. Far from fizzling out, the protests have continued on a large…

Southeast Asian Outlook: Rising Cyclical Risks, Expanding Structural Upside


The global economy is being pulled and pushed in different directions. Whether it is America’s trade spat with China or the fragility of China’s economy or the geo-political stresses in the Middle East which are raising oil prices, the ups and downs of the news flow make it hard to discern the net impact. However, a close study of recent developments…

Action On Climate Change Is More Urgent Than You Think


If you thought trade wars and the epic struggle for power between the US and China were bad, here’s something that could be even worse. Damaging forms of climate change are unfolding faster than expected and Southeast Asia is likely to be a bigger loser from it than other regions. Worse still, even with all the increasing efforts…