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Is Singapore’s Competitiveness at Risk?


Singapore is enjoying a powerful economic rebound after a few lacklustre years. The export sector’s surge is translating into a more robust manufacturing sector while other activities that benefit from improving trade such as sea and air cargo, logistics and wholesale trade are all gaining momentum.

Regional Economies Primed for Upside Surprise

Manu Bhaskaran

Asian economic growth is set to accelerate. After a long period of patchy and unconvincing recovery, there are signs that the global rebound is gaining enough traction to be a durable one. Better still, this upward lift is supporting higher export growth in Asia. More encouragingly, domestic engines of growth also seem to be regaining some vigour.

Singapore: The IMF Raises Structural Concerns

Manu Bhaskaran

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recently issued its Article IV report on Singapore, which is like a report card on the country’s economic performance.The overall assessment was a positive one: the economy is recovering, inflation is low, the external sector is robust and the banking sector is in the pink of health.

Time for an Asian-Asean century


Centennial Asian Advisor’s Chairman ROBERTO F. DE OCAMPO is invited to write as part of a compilation of selected articles from key ASEAN Thought Leaders to commemorate ASEAN’s 50th Anniversary. This article was published by The Strait times and Viet Nam News.

What if global inflation surprises on the upside?

Manu Bhaskaran

Inflation, or more precisely the lack of inflation, has become a major point of contention for monetary policy makers and also for those seeking to understand where asset markets are heading. In general, this year has seen lower than expected inflation in developed economies.