Geopolitical turmoil – impact on Singapore and the SEA-region

Geopolitical turmoil – impact on Singapore and the SEA-region

The covid-19 crisis has exacerbated already existing tensions and competition between the US and China. In this webinar we will examine how the global pandemic, trade-war, and unfolding geopolitical events are impacting Singapore and South East Asia.

Our special insights panel will paint the big political and economic picture and translate it into a business setting. Below are some of the hot topics that will be analysed during the webinar:

  • US-China trade and tech war
  • Outcome and implications of the US election
  • China’s rise and increasing influence in South East Asia
  • Reshuffling of supply chains in Asia
  • Continuing fallout from COVID-19
  • Deepening economic recessions

How will all these affect the long-term conditions of doing business in Singapore and South East Asia?

If you are running a business in Singapore, SEA or are considering expanding to the Asian markets, you don’t want to miss out on this edition of NBAS’ Special Insights panel.

Watch the recording here.

Moderator: Leonard Opitz Stornes, President of NBAS.