Taiwan: Time to resume talks, Taiwanese president tells the mainland – 3 Nov 2016

Taiwan: Time to resume talks, Taiwanese president tells the mainland – 3 Nov 2016

  • Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen has called on the mainland to resume talks with the island to ensure peaceful cross-strait relations.
  • Tsai made the call on 2 Nov 16, a day after mainland President Xi Jinping demanded that Taiwan adhere to the “1992 consensus” to maintain the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and exchanges.The consensus is an understanding that there is only “one China”, though each side has its own interpretation of what constitutes “China”.
  • Tsai, of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has refused to publicly accept the consensus, and cross-strait relations have cooled since she took office in May 16.
  • Although Tsai has acknowledged there was such a meeting in 1992 at which both sides preserved their differences to seek common ground, Beijing suspended talks with Taipei in Jun 16. Tsai also called on the mainland to recognise the existence of the Republic of China – Taiwan’s official title – and the strong belief in the democratic system shared by the Taiwanese people.
  • On 2 Nov 16, Chinese President Xi Jinpeng pledged resolute opposition to forces supporting Taiwanese independence and their activities, and suggested that the mainland’s Communist Party and Taiwan’s opposition Kuomintang should discuss the possibility of ending cross-strait hostility and reach a peace pact on the basis of the one-China principle
  • While the DPP and pro-independence lawmakers heaped scorn on Kuomintang chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu for trying to “sell out” Taiwan by bringing up a peace pact in talks with Xi on her visit to Beijing, local academics said Xi intended to use his talks with Hung to tell the Tsai administration she must adhere to the consensus and the one-China principle.

External Link : http://www.scmp.com/news/china/policies-politics/article/2042437/time-resume-talks-taiwanese-president-tells-mainland

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