• In 2016, I observed that various political upheavals were reflecting a worldwide mood of protectionism, antiglobalization, and a revolt against political correctness. A pivotal issue in both Brexit and the US presidential election was open immigration, a policy regarded by liberals as humanitarian but by many others as threatening to jobs, peace and order, and the fabric of society. The same attit
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    Manu was invited as a keynote speaker at the Tradevents Connect 2017 in Singapore.



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  • The 22nd Singapore Economic Roundtable (SER) was held in November 2014. The Institute of Policy Studies has been convening the SER since 2003. Our first goal is to provide a forum for assessing current economic conditions and how cyclical monetary and fiscal policies should be adjusted. A second aim is to conduct a deep dive into a selected issue of structural nature that was likely to affect Sing
  • The Twenty-First Singapore Economic Roundtable (SER) was held in May 2014. The SER is convened by the Institute of Policy Studies with two aims. First, to assess the prospects of cyclical monetary and fiscal policies given the state of the macro-economy. Second, each SER also analyses a structural challenge facing Singapore with a view to understanding what policy changes might be needed to resolv

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